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Filtered water can be recycled & reused 

Filtering Silicon, Heavy Metals & Gallium Arsenide

Oberlin Filter provides solutions to the word’s largest semiconductor and solar manufacturers wastewater issues.  They produce wastewater contaminated with silicon fines, Gallium Arsenide and other heavy metals.  Oberlin Filter provides filter systems that remove these substances to meet sewage discharge limits.  The filtered water is extremely clean and can be recycled and reused within the plant.  The effectiveness of the Oberlin Filter allows for a one step filtration process that delivers clean water and dry solids for many applications in these fields. 


One of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer’s plants was producing such an enormous volume of wastewater that it was overburdening the sewer with silicon fines.  We provided a filtration system that cleaned the water so it could be safely discharged into the sewers or be reused.  The Oberlin Filter reduced the solids from >500 ppm to <1 ppm.  The water clarity went from >1000 NTU to <1 NTU.  We are now an integrated part of this manufacture’s semiconductor chip making process.


Semiconductor & Solar Wastewater

Meeting regulated water discharge limits for a safe disposal into municipal sewers. 



Filtered Water

Dry Filtered Solids

1 Micron Filtration
99.99% suspended solids remove from water

Four OPF 24 Filters in an application of filtering silicon wastewater from the grinding of solar photocells.  The OPF 24 has the ability to individually process up to 960gpm depending on the application.

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