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Automatic Filtration Solutions

Providing Clean Liquids and Dry Solids

Oberlin Filter’s automatic pressure filtration systems remove up to 99.99% of total suspended solids from liquids. Our filter can remove varying solids, from small metal fines to food crumbs, down to 1 micron. We serve many applications worldwide as filtration solution experts. We are the authority in pressure filtration.

The Oberlin Difference

Filtration Experts. Lessons learned in one filtration application can be applied to other applications.

Solutions, Beyond Equipment. Oberlin’s filtration specialists provide comprehensive solutions, not just equipment, from lab support to field support, engineering, and service support throughout the filter’s life.

Clean Liquids. Dry Solids. Automatic filters that perform at higher pressure delivering cleaner liquids and drier solids. Oberlin’s filtration solutions increase production and save money.

One Filter, Many Applications

Serving Markets Worldwide

Oberlin Filter is a filtration solution provider serving different industries worldwide. We build filters to meet the requirements of various applications. Our industry-leading technology can be applied to any system requiring the removal of solids from liquids.



Oberlin has provided coolant filtration for over 50 years for oil, water-soluble emulsions, and pure synthetics.


Metal Finishing

Oberlin’s filters allow you to recycle your phosphate bath and eliminate waste disposal costs.

HOT OIL Processing

The Oberlin Hot Oil Filter is the top-performing filter for the world’s largest frying and roasting food manufacturers.

Sulfur Recovery

Oberlin’s filter allows you to reclaim your elemental sulfur, maintaining your chemistry. Select the number of washes to fit your process.

why customers keep coming back

“In almost 40 years of manufacturing experience, I have never written such a letter. Our purchase of the Oberlin Filter system for our central grinding coolant system has been nothing but a first class experience...”
steve w. | president
“Great filter, great service, and great business partner.”
“We would highly recommend the team at Oberlin for all of your filtration needs.”
jason g. | vice president

leading the industry: see how top brands succeed with oberlin


a Filtration Specialist

From design through installation and support, depend on our experienced filtration team of engineers to ensure your filter meets your needs and exceeds expectations.

Filter Paper & Parts

at the Right Price

Oberlin Filter designs filtration systems and provides quality, first-tier, filtration-grade filter paper at competitive prices for all Oberlin Pressure Filters as well as Gravity & Vacuum Filters.

Generations of Filtration Experience

The Oberlin Family has been dedicated to building world-class automatic pressure filters for three generations. The attention to precision engineering and application knowledge have enabled Oberlin Filter to grow into an international company that still calls Wisconsin home.