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Oberlin Filter Maritime Scrubber Washwater Systems

Automatic Low-maintenance Washwater Filtration system to operate in harmony with Diesel Exhaust Scrubber  

Oberlin Filter is pleased to announce we have signed an agreement with CR Ocean Engineering to supply wash water treatment system used on closed-loop and hybrid scrubber systems.  CR Ocean is world-leading manufacturer of marine exhaust gas scrubber systems.

Oberlin Pressure Filter Benefits

  1. 100% Water Processing – Eliminates need for secondary dirty water collection/storage

  2. Dry Solids Discharge of Non-Hazardous & Easily Disposable Dry Filter Cake

  3. Extremely Clean Water Filtrate allows easy discharge back to Body of Water

  4. Enables the vessel to burn a high Sulfur less expensive fuel while adhering / exceeding the environmental level regulations of cleanliness of water discharged back into the environment

  5. Simple Integration with Client’s Scrubber

  6. Worldwide Support

Dry cake of solids discharged from filter

  • No Membranes

  • No Centrifuges

  • No Chemical Treatment Needed

Scrubber Purge:

1000 ppm / 1100 NTU

Clean Filtrate: 

15 ppm / 10 NTU / < 25 PAH

Oberlin Filter Maritime Scrubber Washwater Installation on a Ship Animation

Oberlin Filter Maritime Scrubber Washwater Installation on a Ship

Located on the vessel MV Ireland

This photo shows the discharge side of the filter.  Dry solids discharge into a barrel for easy collection.   

This photo shows the side of the filter with the control panel.

For additional information please contact:

Thomas Ausloos 


Office: 262-446-4203

Cell:  262-751-2562

Email: tfa@oberlinfilter.com

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