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Filter Paper

For over 55 years, Oberlin Filter Company has recognized that quality filter paper is essential to achieving excellent filtration results. This is true regardless of the filter style or application.The Oberlin filter paper and filter media department prides itself on providing quality, first tier, filtration grade filter paper at competitive prices for all Oberlin Filters as well as gravity and vacuum filters.


Stock Non-Woven Filter Paper Includes: 
Need to discuss your filter paper and parts order? Contact our team at, 262-547-4900 or email media-parts@oberlinfilter.com during normal business hours, 8:00am - 5:00 pm Central Time. 
Oberlin Benefits


  • Common widths in stock always - shipped within a couple of days. 

  • Custom widths available with longer lead times. Oberlin will stock custom widths ordered regularly. 

  • In house laboratory support 

    • Existing customer – Oberlin can optimize your filtration process. 

    • New customer - Oberlin can benchmark your current filter media and offer alternatives to meet your requirements and/or reduce costs. 

  • Competitive prices for filtration grade, 1st tier filter media. We never sell media that is not 1st tier filtration grade. 


Oberlin Filter Parts

Oberlin Filter Company stocks a large assortment of common items, along with proprietary parts for all models of Oberlin Filtration systems. Our experienced Oberlin Sales team is committed to making the ordering process as easy and accurate as possible. 

Contact Oberlin Filter for Your Filter Paper & Parts

Filter Paper & Parts

Providing quality, first tier, filtration grade paper and parts at a competitive price for over 55 years. 


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