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Over 50 years of experience in liquid solid separation


Winbro Group Technologies

We were approached by Oberlin Filter ltd directly, off the back of their success within the Aerospace sector, during autumn 2013.


Their timing was good, Winbro were interested to establish a long term working relationship with a suitable coolant filtration supplier.


“Over a three week period during spring 2014 we were able to commit to our first order with Oberlin for a complete coolant filtration management system.


Compared to others I found Oberlin’s approach methodical, organised, open and honest.

They listened to our needs and requirements carefully, offered, and then delivered, a package, suitable on both technical and commercial terms.


More recently we have followed up with an order for a bigger centralised coolant filtration system.


We remain satisfied with Oberlin Filter Ltd and look forward to developing our business relationship further in years to come.

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