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we clean water
Clean & Dry

99.99% of total suspended solids removed from water.


The Oberlin Filter provides extremely dry solids that automatically discharge from the filter.  No further dewatering is necessary and the solids are ready for landfill disposal.


With our high suspended solids removal rate, our filter technology reaches the high standards of the Clean Water Act and leaves the solids dry.


The Oberlin Advantage
  • Automatic systems providing both clean water outfall and dry solids discharge.

  • Our ability to work with detailed client specifications.

  • Oberlin provides detailed system documentation.

  • Strong after startup support.  Oberlin Filter does not walk away.


50 Years of Experience


Oberlin Filter provides systems that are solutions to the water issues of the industrial world as they serve to decontaminate and maintain a clean water supply. We have the capability to treat a wide range of water and wastewater applications. We design, engineer and provide the necessary process equipment for systems ranging from removing contaminants and toxins from water to solids dewatering. We treat extreme wastewater such as chemical destruction programs and low level radiation removal.  The processed water is clean enough for reuse or discharge.  We operate in challenging applications with high solids, high corrosion and high temperatures. 


Often our client’s priority is clean water and dry solids – and we can do it!    


Oberlin Filter got its start manufacturing an automatic filtering device for solids-liquid separations and over the past 50 years has improved on the filter design and added treatment systems support making the company into an industry leader in water treatment.  Because water is the basis of our business we have long been a conservation and reclamation filtration technology leader.  



Case Studies

Chemical Weapons Cleanup 



The Pueblo Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant (PCAPP) will safely destroy 2,611 tons of mustard agent in mortar rounds and artillery projectiles stored at the U.S. Army Pueblo Chemical Depot (PCD).


Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation


The Oberlin Filter Company technology, paired with DuPont media, was successfully demonstrated under the EPA’s Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation (SITE) program.

"The Oberlin Automatic Pressure Filter(APF) is unique in the industry since it's simple, automatic, and can use disposable filter media for the same capacity cycle after cycle. It can be manufactured from many materials of construction to meet the most corrosive environments. It can also handle almost any solids loading and can accommodate in-line filter aid or polymer flocculant addition for enhanced separation efficiency. These are some of the reasons that more than 60 units have been installed in DuPont on a variety of applications including wastewater, recycle water clarification. nuclear waste treatment, and metals recovery."



Dr. Ernest Mayer



Dr. Mayer is a Senior Level Consultant specializing in Solid/Liquid Separation (SLS) technology since 1980. His work with the DuPont Company of Wilmington, Delaware has spanned 40 years. Holding two patents and having published more than two hundred papers, Dr. Mayer is listed in Who’s Who in Science and Environmental Technology and Co-chaired the World Filtration Congress in 2004.


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