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Top Workplaces Awards


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, once again, named Oberlin Filter Company as one of 150 companies to receive the prestigious Top Workplaces award from a base of nearly 2,200 companies in Wisconsin. The award is for providing employees with an outstanding work environment.


The annual survey was sent out to over 100,000 employees. Employers are measured on several qualities such, as leadership, career opportunities, workplace flexibility, compensation and benefits, and the impact company policies have on employees' innovation, productivity and morale.



Oberlin Filter Company has been honored with receiving the Top 100 Workplaces in Wisconsin from Milwaukee Journal 12 out of the last 13 years including 2022.


What Employees Say


“I make a difference.”
“Foresight to spend the money for R&D so we can stay ahead of our competitors. He cares about the employees. Paying bonuses and profit-sharing shows us that he is willing to share when times are good.”
“I am impressed that Oberlin always thinks about the employee when thinking about solving a problem. People count.”
“The overall professionalism of the staff.”
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