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Filter Paper


Spunbond Polypropylene SBPP


  • Excellent filtration characteristics

  • Strong in cross direction and machine direction

  • Wide weight ranges

  • Helps to reduce tramp oil

  • Lowers PPM and reduces Micron size 

  • Inexpensive

Product Details

A workhorse in the filtration industry, SBPP is a spunbond pointbond polypropylene. This media is widely used on vacuum filters and pressure filters and to a lesser extent on gravity filters. A low cost, highly effective filter media. 

Due to the lower cost and wide range of uses in diverse applications, SBPP continues to replace higher cost polyesters and polyester rayon blends. The uniformity and absence of a binder makes SBPP an excellent replacement media. Consistency in this product allows for less fluctuation in PPM and provides predictable micron counts. 

Recommended for: Pressure, Vacuum & Gravity Filters

Typical Applications:

Grinding of all types; Centerless, Thru Feed, Cylindrical, Roll Grinding, Surface, Belt, Double Disc, Honing

            Tube Mills and Saws, Tower Water, Plating, Parts Washers

            Paint Booths


Typical Basis Weights:

0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.5 Ounces Per Square Yard (OSY)

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