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Dry cakes of discharged salt solids from the Oberlin Filter

The Oberlin Filter is used in 80 ZLD programs worldwide
List of CA Power Plants with Oberlin Filters
  • PG&E Colusa Generation Station - Maxwell, CA

  • SMUD Utility - Sacramento, CA

  • Turlock Irrigation District - Turlock, CA

  • Gemma Power - Desert Hot Springs, CA

  • Russell City Energy - Russell City, CA

  • Burbank Power and Water - Burbank, CA

  • City of Roseville - Roseville, CA

  • Gilroy/Calpine - Gilroy, CA

Oberlin Filter at Burbank Water & Power

Oberlin Filter is an installation in Saudi Arabia

Video of salt being discharged at Burbank Water & Power

Dry cake discharging from the Oberlin Filter at a power plant in Turlock, CA.  This is an example of the filter's ability to remove a complex variety of substances.  The brown substance is magnesium, the white is salt. A crystallizer concentrate and precipitates the salt and magnesium into solids in a slurry.  The Oberlin Filter removes these solids and returns the water back to the crystalizer.  This is the final process step in their Zero Liquid Discharge program that treats and recycles their blow-down water.

The Oberlin Filter is very effective at removing salt solids from concentrated and precipitated salt slurries. The filter delivers very dry salt with no pretreatment necessary.  The salt is 75% dry and no further dewatering is necessary.  Our filter operates with a reusable belt for a waste free filtration process.  We are often used in Zero Liquid Discharge Programs (ZLD) to recover water that would otherwise have been lost.


In ZLD the Oberlin Filter is used in the last process step where we take boiling salt and mineral slurries from a crystallizer evaporator, remove the salt solids and return the water brine back to the crystallizer. Typically the salts are NaCl, Na2SO4, CaSO4. This is a high temp, high solids, highly corrosive application where Oberlin has gained the reputation as the go to company when extreme filtration is required. 


Crystallizer ZLD Application

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