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The Oberlin Filter’s ability to remove all suspended solids from water makes it an excellent choice for a pre-filter to absorption systems that remove soluble and molecular size compounds from water. Activated carbon beds, membranes, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration are examples of these systems that require our technology's specific expertise to keep running smoothly and economically. Our filter’s ability to provide a consistent feed supply of solid free water allows these systems to target toxic chemicals that are in solution, solvents or ionized and not fill up with solid particles. Our technology dramatically expands the lifespan and enables these absorption systems to perform at optimum level in reaching the limits of the EPA's National Drinking Water Standards.



Substances that are targeted by absorption systems include:


  • Aromatic solvents (benzene, toluene, nitrobenzenes)

  • Chlorinated aromatics (PCBs, chlorobenzenes, chloroaphthalene)

  • Phenol and chlorophenols

  • Polynuclear aromatics (acenaphthene, benzopyrenes)

  • Pesticides and herbicides (DDT, aldrin, chlordane, heptachlor)

  • Chlorinated aliphatics (carbon tetrachloride, chloroalkyl ethers)

  • High molecular weight hydrocarbons (dyes, gasoline, amines, humics)



Pre Treatment Molecular Filtration:

Activated Carbon Beds, Membranes, Ultrafiltration & Nanofiltration 
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