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Emerging Market
We are introducing the Oberlin Filter for pharmaceutical applications.  The filter is food grade quality with a sanitary design.  The filter is completely automatic and can remove 99.99% of solid particles down to 1 microns in size.  The filter can be used as a pretreatment for water and to treat wastewater.  The filtered wastewater can be reused or recycled within the plant.  It will also meet the sewage discharge limits for easy disposal.  The removed solids are dry with no further dewatering necessary.  Its fully automatic features and simple design deliver both dry solids and clean water without operator contact, minimizing exposure to hazardous materials.

Liquid-Solid Separations for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Filtration for:

High Solids

High Product Quality

High Risk Specification

  • Food Grade Quality 
  • Sanitary Design 
  • Quality at Low Cost    
  • Minimal Attention

Stainless Steel Oberlin Filter

Small Bench Filters available for field-lab testing.

Clean Filtrate

Less than 1 micron removal

99.99% suspended solids separation rate

Dry Solids

The Oberlin Filter provides extremely dry solids that automatically discharge from the filter - operator free.

Percent Dryness Solids Type

  • 75%-95% Crystalline and Rigid Shaped Particles

  • 45%-65% Diatomaceous Earth/Filter Aid Backwashes

  • 30%-40% Metal Hydroxides


Contact Tom Ausloos for Application Evaluation and Free Testing
1-262-547-4900 ext. ×203
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