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1 Micron Filtration for Industrial Fryer Oil Systems

The Oberlin Hot Oil Filter is the top-performing filter for fryers and roasters and is used by the world’s largest food manufacturers. The filter’s ability to remove 1 micron particles keeps frying oil in good condition indefinitely. The filter’s ability to discharge dry crumbs minimizes oil carryout.


The Oberlin Filter is a fully automatic pressure filter. The dirty frying oil is pumped into the filter where disposable, non-woven filter media and the previously collected solids remove nearly all sediment (crumbs, flour, spices, etc.) larger than 1 micron. The sediment is removed before it can burn or scorch the hot oil, thus extending its life.


The completely automatic Oberlin Filter is offered in multiple sizes and system configurations. The Oberlin Filter can be used for


  • Continuous filtration of a single hot oil fryer or roaster to remove crumbs 

  • Continuous filtration of a single hot oil fryer or roaster to remove crumbs and Free Fatty Acids – FFA’s 

  • Batch filtration of multiple hot oil fryer or roasters to remove crumbs and FFA’s 


No matter what filter size or system configuration selected, the Oberlin Filter will remove nearly all particles larger than 1 micron in size and discharge them as a dry cake.

Oberlin Filter Hot Oil Filtration Overview

Benefits of 1 Micron Filtration Provided by the Oberlin Hot Oil Filter

Reduction and/or Removal of Total Polar Compounds (TPC’s) and Free Fatty Acids (FFA’s)
  • 1 micron filtration slows or eliminates the breakdown of the oil.

  • Growth of Total Polar Compounds (TPC’s) and Free Fatty Acids (FFA’s) due to burning solids are eliminated.

  • When combined with oil carryout in the product, TPC/FFA growth is delayed or eliminated

  • Maintain FFA’s below 0.10% continuously with the Oberlin Filter Continuous Treatment System (CTS) and FFA absorbent!

  • With a batch treatment system and FFA absorbent, the Oberlin Filter can recover oils with up to 0.9% FFA’s!


Dirty oil, filtered oil and the dry crumb that automatically discharges from filter.

Clean Oil & Dry Crumb

Eliminate Flavors and Spices in the Industrial Oil Filtration Process

The Oberlin Filter removes flavors from the hot oil allowing for spicy products to be run anytime during the week. You won’t have to dump your hot oil after the spicy run and your production schedule is more efficient and flexible. 


Reducing Dark Spots and Maintaining Perfect Hot Oil Color

Dark-colored oil is the result of burning solids and this affects the color and quality of the fried product. Effective sediment removal with the Oberlin Oil Filter eliminates the dark color and formation of ‘black spots’ on the product. The continual supply of clean oil from the filter will maintain a consistent color from morning to night. 

Video of dirty oil in fryer, clean oil from fryer and the dry cake of removed crumbs, sediment and solids. This is an almond roasting application.

Completely Automatic Dry Solids Discharge for Industrial Fryer Oil Filtration

Filtered Crumbs, Batter, and Fines are Automatically Discharged as a Dry Cake


The filter is self-cleaning. There is no operator intervention or offline time to remove crumbs, solids, or fines from the filter. They are discharged automatically after they are collected and dried. The oil removed from the crumb goes back to the fryer, thereby minimizing hot oil costs. The dry cake is environmentally friendly and is easily disposed of. The reclaimed hot oil savings is significant and often pays for the cost of the filter within the first 6-12 months. Those savings are realized annually throughout the life of the filter.


Dry Cake & Hot Oil Savings Comparison (Oberlin, Gravity, Vacuum)

Cake dryness for gravity or drum filters is typically 40%, for vacuum filters 60%-65%, and for the Oberlin Filter 75%-80%. The Oberlin Filter reclaims much of the hot oil that would be lost in the discharge of these other filters. The savings are significant.


*Based upon 100 lbs/hour of dropped crumb

**Based upon $0.75/lb oil cost

***Based upon 20 hours/day, 350 days/year


One of the world’s top food manufacturers declared a $1,200,00.00 annual savings in recovered oil with the Oberlin Filter!

More Oberlin Filter Benefits

More Oil Choices with Extended Oil Life

With the extended oil life provided by the Oberlin Filter, you have more oil choices. You are not locked into an oil type solely based upon price and/or stability.


More Production Scheduling Options with Efficient Removal of Flavors and Spices

The Oberlin Filter removes flavors from the oil allowing for spicy products to be run anytime during the week. You won’t have to dump your oil after the spicy run and your production schedule is more efficient and flexible.


More Uptime with Efficient Removal of Coatings and FFA’s

With the cleaner, more consistent oil provided by the Oberlin Filter the time between fryer/roaster cleaning can be extended and the amount of time required to clean the fryer will be reduced. A gain of only one hour per day is a gain of over 300 hours per year!


Lower Energy Costs

Heat transfer efficiency is increased with clean oil as maintained by the Oberlin Filter. Heat exchanger plugging and heating coil fouling are reduced or eliminated with clean oil, thereby reducing energy costs.

Expeller Pressed Oil (Hemp, Flax, Sesame, Fruit)

The Oberlin Filter can also be used to remove solids from expeller pressed oil. The clarity from the Oberlin Filter is so good that the oil can go direct to bottling. Processing time is extremely fast compared to traditional methods of separation. The Oberlin Filter benefits include increased production and better, more consistent products. Please consult the factory for additional information.

Clean filtered oil coming out of a test port on the Oberlin Filter.

Dry cake of crumbs, fines & solids being discharged from filter in a coated chicken application.
Animation of Oberlin Filter Hot Oil Filtration
The Oberlin Filter in a Fry Oil Operation for a Potato Application
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