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About Oberlin Filter

For over 55 years the Oberlin Filter Company has been guided by the principle: Make Filtration Systems that Really Work. We have an excellent group of experienced engineers, salesmen, designers, welders, plumbers, electricians, servicemen, and laboratory technicians. We work with our customers to determine the best system for their application, build it ourselves, help start it and provide support throughout its lifetime. There are Oberlin filters that have been operating continuously for over 40 years.


Established, Accountable & Family Owned

We are a family owned and operated business. For three generations the Oberlin Family have been dedicated to building world-class automatic pressure filters. Our founder, Wayne Oberlin, started Oberlin Filter by making one reliable filter after another. His son, Tom Oberlin, developed and expanded our filtration technology making Oberlin Filter a global leader in liquid solid separation. The attention to precision engineering along with application knowledge has enabled Oberlin Filter to grow into an international company that still calls Waukesha, WI home.


Innovative Intelligence

We are an engineering company. Our engineers are your project managers and are responsible to you for the filter’s satisfactory operation. They supervise your order from initial design stage, through production and startup. They are always available for support.



We have a global presence. We have manufacturing plants in England and Germany that provide sales, design, manufacturing and service support throughout Europe. We have service agents placed throughout the world. There are Oberlin pressure filters operating in over 30 countries throughout the world.


Adaptable Technology

We are active in four major markets: Metal Working Fluids for grinding and machining, Food applications primarily in hot frying oil and specialty oils, Chemical Separations and Industrial Water Treatment. Industrial water treatment covers a wide range of applications with almost all of them unique to the client. We enjoy strong working relationships with GE and their many divisions, Veoliawater, DuPont, and a major semi-conductor manufacturer in their silicon wafer cutting processes. 



Made in the USA

American Filtration Society


Partial List of Oberlin Filter Customers

3,300+ Oberlin Pressure Filtration Systems in Operation Worldwide
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