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Over 50 years of experience in liquid solid separation

Food Processing

DE Backwash


( see also Water Treatment-> Backwash)


The Oberlin Pressure Filter has been used in breweries across the world for over 40 years to dewater spent Diatomaceous Earth (DE), also known as Kieselguhr. We have developed special features for cleaning access and for flushing this biologically active waste.


Edible Oils


Oberlin Filter Company has developed a version of the Automatic Pressure Filter for filtering edible oils such as Flax and Hemp Oils. By using 1 micron medias we are able to provide excellent clarity and remove sediment without removing desirable ingredients or using filter aids.


This version of the filter is completely stainless steel with the wetted parts polished to a sanitary finish. It is capable of being cleaned in place.


Frying Oils


Oberlin Filter Company has developed a specialized version of the pressure filter suitable for use on commercial fryers in the 300 gallon – 2000+ gallon range.


For more information contact Steve Hughes (slh@oberlinfilter.com)


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