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Over 50 years of experience in liquid solid separation



UK based bandsaw and bandknife manufacturer


We approached Oberlin Filter ltd in November 2014 – enquiring a new coolant filtration system to pair with an already scheduled new grinding machine.


We were faced with our own tight project time lines and therefore needed a proactive, flexible, forward thinking filtration supplier to understand our needs and act quickly.


With Oberlin we got just that. Within five weeks, from initial contact, they had delivered a loan filter system, replacing with our purchased, bespoke design unit less than three months later.


Thanks to Oberlin we lost no time with production and this new filtration system performs perfectly on a smaller footprint than what we were accustomed.


Their experience, professional attitude and disciplined service commitments, complemented by a very dependable, reliable product has, undeniably, helped us execute our own expansion plans to perfection.

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