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After initial bench testing our clients often choose to conduct longer term tests at their facility to get a better idea on performance with a variable feed stream and it gives plant personnel a first hand feeling for how the equipment operates.


In these situations Oberlin Filter Company offers our smaller commercial automatic pressure filters on a rental basis. 


For Chemical/Process Water we can supply standalone filters or supply a temporary process system that may include feed tank, pumps and necessary chemical additions.


We also have a limited number of small (0.3 sq.ft. area) manual filters available for on-site testing. They duplicate the filter operation, need 90 psi air supply, but need an operator to control sequencing.

Field Test: This test was performed on an operating colloidal latex impregnation suspension system.  A volume of contaminated solution was automatically transferred over to the Oberlin system from the process.  The impregnation solution was treated, automatically adding properly dosed dry chemistry to break the colloid.  After a short residence time, the resulting slurry was automatically filtered with the result of <1 NTU  filtrate quality and dry solids in the form of a filter cake.  This test was also run on paint.

Filter Field Testing

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