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Central Filtration Systems for Coolants

Oil, Water and Synthetic


Central Filtration Systems

Oberlin Filter Company makes fully automatic coolant filtration systems ranging from 20 gpm to 6,000gpm. These systems are designed to support a single machine like a gear grinder, or an entire shop. The larger, central systems will usually have sumps at each machine to pump back dirty coolant to the dirty tank. The larger systems also tend to have redundant filter pumps and clean pumps to minimize downtime. The Oberlin Filter is simple in design resulting in a reliable uptime availability range of 99%. A large portion of our customer base are repeat customers which speaks for itself in regards to Oberlin's Filter users expecting the performance and reliability of our filtration systems.


We will customize the design to fit your space requirements. We will use your preferred PLC’s and screens. Or you can use our standard designs and controls for more cost effective packages.


Large Central 500-6000 gpm systems
Animation of Central System


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