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Bakery Food Processing

Hot Oil Filtration for Clean Oil & Dry Filtered Solids

Eliminate oil waste in your bakery frying processes by removing Crumbs/Fines/Flour


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Benefits of Hot Oil Bakery Filtration with the Oberlin Filter

Increase Oil Life with High Efficiency Filtration Down to 1 Micron

The Oberlin Filter is the ONLY automatic filter capable of removing 1 micron particles. Oil can be preserved and reused indefinitely. Maintain oil quality and bakery food processing standards throughout the frying process.

Benefits Overview




  • French Toast Sticks
  • Toaster Streudels
  • Donuts
  • Pizza Crust
1 Micron Filtration Benefits
  • Slows the breakdown of the oil

  • All Crumbs/Fines/Flour removed from oil

  • Eliminate dark color/spots

  • Consistent color of product

  • Eliminate oil smoking

  • Reduce Cleaning of Fryer

  • Enable longer production runs

  • Eliminate waste oil entirely

  • Reduce oil purchase and disposal costs

FFA Removal Benefits

  • Delaying the growth of TPC/FFA’s in conjunction with absorption of oil in the food product will eliminate the need to change or dispose of oil

  • Remove FFA’s down to 0.07%-0.09%

  • Can recover oil with up to 0.8% FFA

Extremely Clean Oil and Dry Filtered Solids

The Oberlin Filter will provide your fryer with a very clean supply of oil online during production or offline in a batch filtration process.  Crumbs, fines and flour are automatically dried inside of the filter and discharged into a bin for easy disposal.

Dirty oil, filtered oil and the dry crumb that automatically discharges from filter.

Hot Oil Filtration Processes

Oberlin Filter has multiple processes to suit your hot oil filtration needs for bakery food production. Our highly experienced engineering and laboratory team will work directly with you to develop a hot oil filtration process that will allow you to continually reuse your oil.  With an Oberlin Filter you will never throw out your oil again!

Online Filtration for Continuous Crumb/Flour Removal

In this process the Oberlin Filter operates online during production to remove crumbs, fines and flour from your fryer.  In some applications FFAs are removed as well.
Applications Include: French Toast Sticks, Toaster Strudels, Donuts and Pizza Crust


  • Eliminate dark color and spots - Consistent product

  • Maintain fryers - Reduce frequency, duration and cost of cleaning

  • Enable longer production runs

  • Eliminate oil smoking

  • Extend oil life

Overview of Hot Oil Filtration Processes

Additional Hot Oil Filtration Resources

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