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Municipal Water Utilities

The Oberlin Filter ability to completely separate water from solids makes it a strong choice for dewatering applications at municipal water utilities. Large primary filters are often required to be flushed out and cleaned of the impurities that build up during the processing of drinking water. The Oberlin Filter can provide the essential step of removing all the solids in the slurry or sludge that is left over from the backwash of these primary filters.


Diatomaceous Earth is often used as a filter aid by primary filters at municipal water treatment facilities in the process of making drinking water. During this process the Diatomaceous Earth becomes a slurry or diatomite sludge that needs to be dewatered. The Oberlin Filter’s excellent dewatering abilities, reclaims all the water in the slurry leaving the Diatomaceous earth in a dry cake.

City of Neillsville, WI

An example of Oberlin Filter’s highly effective primary filter backwash and sludge dewatering is in the City of Neillsville, WI. Sand filters are used in that municipality to remove iron oxide from well water. The sand filters become saturated with iron oxide and are backwashed for cleansing purposes. The Oberlin Filter removes the concentrated iron oxide sludge from the backwash and the clean water returns to the municipal drinking water processing facility.

Las Virgines Municipal, City of Westlake, CA

Application is dewatering diatomite sludge from the bash wash of primary water filters at Las Virgines Municipal drinking water processing facility. The sludge contains diatomite solids and miscellaneous solids. The filtered water was clean enough to send to municipal drinking water processing facility and the removed solids were dry for easy disposal.

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